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Therapy the begining of the road not the end

Therapy is the begining of the road, not the end

By Anetta Hegyközi

Discover a new way of looking at psychotherapy!

Benefits of Employee Therapy Programs

Benefits of Employee Therapy Programs

By Anetta Hegyközi

Find out why investing in Employee Therapy Programs pays off now more than ever.

The Advantages of Remote Therapy

The Advantages of Remote Therapy

By Anetta Hegyközi

Discover how remote therapy has changed the world of mental health for the better

Self-reflection after therapy

The Importance of Reflecting After a Therapy Session

By Anetta Hegyközi

What are the advatages of self-reflecting after a therapy session? Find out now!

Gym membership or therapy?

Gym Membership or Therapy?

By Anetta Hegyközi

Only you can decide whether you need one, the other, or both. Either way, believing in a better version of ourselves being out there might not be as bad as portrayed, and with the right tool, you can move in the right direction.

Why is depression different for men?

Why are the signs of depression in men different than in women?

By Anetta Hegyközi

Depression in men presents differently due to gender roles and therefore requires specific diagnostic criteria.

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I can’t thank UK Therapy enough, they were convenient as well as informative. I’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone who might need easy access to a variety of simple health solutions.

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This has been a very useful resource with an excellent marketing team to get my name out there and demonstrate my practices to a lot more people. I look forward to future work on here.

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I’ve been spending days researching on the internet what my problem is, and five minutes searching on here I found everything I needed to know. The amount of help here is staggering.

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This interface is easy to use and the UK Therapy team have assisted with my every concern. It’s comforting to have a member’s only area just for us therapists to throw around ideas.

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