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8 Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

By Floss Knight

It is best to keep as far as possible from stressful situations in daily life. However, it is easier said than done. Our busy lives throw stress at us now and then. The only way to deal with stress is to develop healthy coping strategies.


What is high-functioning depression?

By Floss Knight

People imagine someone who cannot function as a normal person. They imagine someone who cannot even do small, daily tasks and finds it hard to get out of bed. However, that is not entirely true.


This is ACTUALLY what depression looks like

By Floss Knight

People often confuse it with a ‘persistent feeling of sadness’ or ‘feeling low’ or something similar. They cannot be farther from the truth. Depression is a lot more than that.


5 Self-Care Tips for People With Anxiety

By Floss Knight

Apart from medical help, people can also indulge in some self-care practices. It can accelerate their recovery and they can see quicker results as well when combined with therapy and medication.


Why is gratitude important?

By Floss Knight

Despite how bad your situation might seem, there is always something to be grateful for in life. And, it might come as a surprise, but being grateful (for things small and big) can improve your mental health as well.


How your diet affects your mental health? ​

By Floss Knight

What we eat and drink has a direct effect on our mental health. The right kind of food can promote good mental health while wrong food choices can end up creating more mental health issues.

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Fedja was the perfect fit for me. I was comfortable with him and I highly recommend Fedja.

I find great comfort in knowing that Janine ‘gets’ me, her clarity, honesty, and support have been invaluable. Thank you, Janine, x”

When we approached Aryeh our marriage had been very unsatisfactory for a long time and I had little hope marriage counselling would help but within a few sessions the surprising effectiveness of Aryeh's techniques and guidance had improved our relationship remarkably. He has an effective methodology, a calming influence and is very astute.

Monika was extremely supportive and thought-provoking, intuitive, compassionate and direct. She was an eye-opener for those dormant issues. I highly recommend.

A great service that helped me work on my confidence and taught me valuable skills to deal with tough situations that I will no doubt use in the future.

Kruti is a great counsellor, who helped me through a really tough time. She helped me to understand not only what my problems were, but where they have escalated from helping me to overcome them. Unlike other counsellors, Kruti made the effort to understand me as a person and helped me develop my own self-confidence.

A drawing of an orange butterfly on a black background

I can’t thank UK Therapy enough, they were convenient as well as informative. I’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone who might need easy access to a variety of simple health solutions.

A fisheye picture of a mountain range and field

I’ve been spending days researching on the internet what my problem is, and five minutes searching on here I found everything I needed to know. The amount of help here is staggering.

This interface is easy to use and the UK Therapy team have assisted with my every concern. It’s comforting to have a member’s only area just for us therapists to throw around ideas.