was founded in response to the high demand for well trained and experienced therapists. UKTG provides a nationwide directory of highly qualified and verified therapists who are trained both ethically and professionally to a high standard. All our members fulfil strict criteria; they are affiliated to the relevant governing body, fully insured and provide proof of qualifications as well as references. All of our members are affiliated to the relevant governing bodies including the UKCP, BACP and BPC, UKRCP, BCP, BABCP, amongst others.

Seeking therapy is the beginning of a new road

At some point in life, 80% of the population will suffer from problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of confidence or feelings of being lost or stuck. This can happen out of the blue, or it may be triggered by bereavement, relationship problems, work issues or other significant changes in life. The good news is that therapy can help you work through these issues, in order to find a more positive future. Seeking therapy is not the end of the road, it is the beginning.

How to find the best qualified therapists and counsellors

The UK Therapy Guide helps you to find the best therapy and counselling for your needs. All 350 of our therapists are bound by strict professional guidelines, so you can be sure of receiving the highest standards of counselling on a completely confidential basis. All Counsellors are accredited with trusted institutions such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

The UKTG team

  • Floss Knight
    Founding Director
    Floss is a psychodynamic psychotherapist, with successful private practices in Chelsea & Fulham.
    Floss conceived the idea of UKTherapyGuide and envisaged the website operating as a vehicle to help promote the benefits of therapy and to impact upon peoples' lives in a positive way. Her view is shared by the whole team at UKTG.
    "We are committed to promoting the concept and advantages of therapy and aim to carry the message of therapeutic catharsis. Quite simply, we aim to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable groups by giving them the opportunity to benefit from a positive therapeutic relationship."
    Chief Executive Officer
    Will is the CEO of Therapy Guide, and has made it his mission, and the company’s, to make therapeutic care acceptable and accessible across the UK.
    Will has a background in Business Development, and in 2017 was selected as a young leader of the future by the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. He has since worked with several start-ups and scale ups helping them to scale their propositions and businesses.
  • James Newman
    Co-founder and advisor
    James brings UK Therapy Guide a wealth of experience from a career in Performance Marketing and Analytics.
    He helps guide UKTG’s digital advertising, including Google and social media, and the optimisation of the user experience for clients and therapists.
  • Rogan Angelini-Hurll
    UKTG is advised by Rogan Angelini-Hurll, a partner of PROfounders Capital (international capitals), an early stage venture capital firm for entrepreneurs run by entrepreneurs.
    Office Manager/Client Support
    Margaret has a wide-ranging experience in office management and administration, particularly in the world of psychotherapy and counselling.
    Margaret is passionate about supporting people, and offers a calming and empathetic approach to both clients and therapists.
    Office Administrator/Client Support
    Felix joined UKTG in October 2020. He feels incredibly fortunate that his role allows his work to be important to several different sectors inside UKTG. It allows him hands-on learning experience on the inner workings of a company and on bringing information about mental health into the lives of more people whilst normalising it in everyday life, two areas he feels very passionate about.