Celebrating 10 Years of Helping People with Their Mental Wellbeing


Yes, we are a decade old now. The UK Therapy Guide, one of the top online therapy portals in the country, is ten years old now. And, as we step into a new decade, we wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the years gone by and the many things we have learnt on this journey. Also, thank you all for placing your trust in us when it comes to mental health and well-being. Your love and support have meant the world to us. 

We have seen the world of mental health evolve into what it is today. Mental health seems to be the buzzword today; however, back in the day, things were quite different. Not only did people neglect their mental health but it was also kind of a taboo word. People were hesitant to share their struggles and rarely talked about their mental health problems. 

From those days to creating one of the biggest online therapy guides in the country, the UK Therapy Guide is a manifestation of a strong will to change things. We created this portal to help people deal with mental health problems, achieve a state of mental well-being, and live happier lives, in general. We wanted to make high-standard therapy accessible to everyone. 

And, today, ten years later, we are happy to see the difference we have been able to make. 


Here is what we learnt in the past ten years


Over the ten years that we have been active in this space, we have learnt a lot of things that have shaped our portal and will continue to do so as we go forward. Some of the interesting things that we are reflecting on today include – 

  • Nobody has a perfect life; everybody is struggling with something. It might seem like some people have their stuff together and are living the best life possible, but it is not true. Over the years we have realised that nobody has a perfect life. Everybody is struggling with something or the other. All they need is a patient listener and some wholesome advice to turn their life around. 
  • Transformation is possible, every time. We have seen so many serious cases. Clinical depression, severe anxiety, broken relationships and so much more. However, we have learnt that even a seemingly impossible case can turn out to be a success. Transformation is always possible. And, we wholeheartedly believe in it.   
  • Therapy is healing at its best. Not because we are in this business but because we have seen it happen, day after day. Therapy heals. It heals broken relationships, it heals old wounds, it heals deep-seated mental issues; and, it helps people make peace with their past and accept themselves for who they are. Simply talking and sharing your problems can have a magical effect.  
  • Things will get worse before they get better. Yes, therapy heals but we have often seen a case go from bad to worse before it turns around. Since therapy makes people face unpleasant things that they have either been avoiding or simply do not want to accept, it does get a bit ugly in the first week or so. However, as we said, it gets better once the ugly phase passes. And, then you are on track to heal.  


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