Writing in a diary or journal is a great way of keeping track of your emotions, triggers and responses to certain situations.

Please download any of our free online diaries below. You can print off your chosen diary and fill it in each time you feel that you would like to reflect on an event, or period of emotional difficulty.

IMPORTANT: If you ever feel you are in emotional crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts, please dial the Samaritans on: 116 123. Someone will be available to listen and help you through your crisis.

We hope that our diary downloads will help you in your recovery. 

Simply click on the links below to download.

ALCOHOL DIARY (PDF)                                 FOOD DIARY (PDF)                           

A drink in a glass on the arm rests of a sofa    A woman with her head in her hands

DRUG DIARY (PDF)                                       FEELINGS DIARY  (PDF)

A woman's hand laying against the floor while tipping over a box of pills    A man's hand writing in a book with a pen


A sad woman with her head against her hands in a therapy session