Our Low-Cost Therapy Subscription


Over the last 12 month's everyone's mental health has been tested, however for many getting help has been prohibitively expensive. We believe everyone should be able to access mental healthcare from a qualified professional. That’s why at Therapy Guide we have launched our all-new Online Therapy Subscription - to give people the opportunity to benefit from a Therapeutic Relationship at just £89/month. Visit Our Store for more details.

Please note that we also offer discount therapy for NHS workers and carers, please click here for more details.


Low-Cost Online Therapy from UK Therapy Guide

We have launched this service as we are aware that so many people in the UK are suffering and have found getting help inaccessible. We have build our new monthly subscription service to respond to this need.


How it works

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Here you can select which day of the week you would like appointments, what time and one of our qualified Therapists. Your chosen therapist will see you at that time each week. Your therapist will speak to you each week at the day and time you choose over the phone, or online, to help you with everything you have been through, are experiencing and hope to achieve through Therapy.

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