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Whether this is your first experience of therapy or it is something that you have experienced in the past, the essential thing is to find the right therapist to suit you.  Whilst therapy can be an incredibly effective way of treating both emotional and mental problems, you do need to use a therapist that is professional, experienced and suitably prepared to deal with your particular issues.  You also need to feel comfortable with them, able to relax and open up and talk freely.  By working with the right therapist, you will be able to conquer your fears, become more aware of your difficulties and stronger as a result.  You will also find that when you are working with the perfect therapist, you will be much more inclined to open up and participate in conversations.


How does therapy help?

Once you have found the ideal therapist, then you will find yourself naturally opening up and voicing your thoughts and feelings, feeling secure in the company of your therapist or counsellor. Talking in this way and knowing that you are being listened to by someone who can really help is therapeutic in itself.   Don’t confuse this with talking with friends and family; there you might have found barriers or felt that there were certain areas that you could not touch on; here, total privacy will be assured and you know that whatever you discuss with your therapist or counsellor will remain with them.  They will guide you in order to get to the root of your problems and help to overcome and eradicate any problem areas that you may be facing in your life.


What can therapists help with?

A professional therapist can help with a whole plethora of issues and you don’t have to have mental health problems or even a diagnosis in order to find therapy immensely helpful.  People seek help from a therapist for a whole range of everyday problems such as stress, problems at work, lack of confidence, depression, relationship issues etc.  If you find yourself find yourself in a traumatic situation due to loss of a loved one or divorce, finding the right therapist to talk to can be essential in order to get you back on the right track.

If you are having problems finding a suitable therapist, then our organisation is here to help you; it can take a lot of time and effort to identify the best one for you but we can take the pain away by connecting you with a therapist who will be able to get close to you and partner you towards recovery.  In order for therapy to be the most effective, it is essential to feel this bond with our therapist which is why we take the time to shop around and interview potential therapists on your behalf before identifying the perfect one for you.


Things to look for in a therapist:

·         Experience – your therapist needs to be experienced in dealing with your type of problem.  Many focus on specific areas such as depression, lack of confidence, bereavement etc. Because they will have dealt with your type of problem many times over, they will have the advantage of fine insight and the ability to bring into play specific techniques and processes.

·         Different forms of treatment – different therapists use a mix of methods and forms of treatment, many specifically suited to certain problems.  By selecting one that will use the correct process, you will find the results far more effective.

·         Licences – it goes without saying that any therapist or counsellor that you contact should be fully licensed and a true professional.  Credentials and references should be checked.

It may sound like a lot of work but this is where we can help.  Finding the perfect therapist for you will allow you to approach counselling in a far more relaxed way and the results will be much more effective and long lasting. Contact us now and allow us find the right therapist for you.

Let us find the right therapist for you

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