Get help and support from your therapist via Skype counselling


It can be difficult if you need the support of one-to-one counselling but don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face.  But there is a solution and a very good one; Skype therapy allows you to fully engage in counselling and psychotherapy without having to leave your home.

Why do clients like Skype therapy?

There are also many other reasons why clients like to use Skype therapy:

  • You choose a time to suit you, fitting in with your daily routine
  • If you find it hard to leave home, you don’t have to
  • You can speak to a therapist anywhere in the UK so can find one that you feel comfortable with
  • You may have young children to look after so can Skype when they are sleeping
  • You may live in a very remote area
  • Travel may be too expensive

No matter your situation, Skype counselling can be incredibly helpful with a whole host of issues such as depression, relationship problems, anger control, anxiety and stress.  Whether you need counselling alone or as a couple, Skype will deal with it; with even three-way conversations being possible, you will find it incredibly flexible and adaptable to suit you.

Confidentiality assured

Getting involved in online therapy or counselling via Skype is also entirely confidential so you need not worry that your privacy will be invaded.  Your therapist will adhere to all of the usual processes and take the necessary precautions to keep your personal data safe.  Many clients find themselves more able to open up when talking over Skype as there is not the embarrassment involved that some feel when sitting in a counsellor’s office.

By being able to see your Skype counsellor’s facial expressions and body language and hear their voice, it is possible to build a trusting relationship between you which is important if you are going to make good progress.  You should not feel the need to hold anything back and should try and talk freely about all of your concerns, involving your present situation as well as events of the past.  Whatever is bothering you, make use of Skype therapy to talk about it. Your therapist is there to help and support you and show you how to come to terms with your situation and work on changing how you see and respond to things.

The practicalities of Skype

As well as Skype calls being free of charge, all you need to make use of it is a microphone and speakers which are sure to be built into your computer or tablet; you can even use Skype via your mobile or smartphone.  With access to the internet required, you simply download the Skype app and you are ready to go. If you connection is good then there is no reason why the call quality should not be equally as clear as when using the phone.

If you would like to try using Skype therapy but have no idea how to find the right counsellor, we can help.  Simply fill in the information on our website and we will provide you with details of therapists that should be suitable for you.

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