How celebrity mental health stories are being used for good and how to teach mindfulness to kids


This week we look at the stats about children and mental health, discover ways to teach children mindfulness from home and look at how celebrity stories are being used to educate youngsters.

Four in five 12 to 16 year olds experience “emotional distress”

It’s a topic that’s being raised again and again in the news, but according to reports children and teens are experiencing higher levels of stress, emotional issues and mental health challenges than before. The problem is, many schools are ill-equipped when it comes to dealing with this distress and the factors that cause it – like bullying, self-esteem issues or exam pressure.

How to teach your children mindfulness at home

It’s worrying to think that children and teens are stressed and experiencing emotional problems more than ever. But you can take some small steps to help them. Mindfulness isn’t a magic, cure all practice but it can massively help when it comes to dealing with stress and staying calm and present – especially if it’s practiced regularly over time. This how-to guide from The Huffington Post provides parents with a number of ways they can start basic mindfulness training with their kids, from practicing breathing through to making a calming jar.

Mental health stories from celebs and public figures to be shared with children

It’s always sad to hear about someone’s struggles with their mental health, but the stories of prominent figures and celebrities, from Princess Diana through to Winston Churchill, will soon be taught in schools to increase their knowledge of mental health and decrease the stigma around it. According to The Telegraph, it’s all part of a trial that’s been rolled out by the Department of Education to teach children about emotions, mindfulness and mental health.

The most common mental health myths (and the reality) 

Whether you don’t know a great deal about mental health or you’re struggling yourself and want to find a way to gently talk to friends and family, this post can help. It’s a simple rundown of some of the top mental health myths, like mental health being a character flaw or making it impossible to work. Share it on Facebook to try and educate those around you about what it really means to live with a mental health problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about talking to your boss about your mental health

Depite the fact people are talking more and more about their mental health challenges, there’s still a lot of fear when it comes to explaining to loved ones, family members and employers about stress, depression and anxiety. This how-to guide from The Huffington Post tackles some of the most common concerns you may have about talking to your boss about your mental health. It’s a challenge, but it might also be a huge weight off your mind and massively beneficial in the long run.

Every week we’ll be bringing you a fresh summary of the top stories concerned with mental health, wellbeing and productivity, which provide us with insights into how we can better tackle the mental health issues that affect us all.

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