Therapy for Addiction

Whatever type of addiction you may be suffering from, overcoming it can be difficult without expert help. Beginning to detox can be the start of a tough struggle. Whilst you may be able to get through it alone, having someone to work beside you and help you battle your cravings and potential relapses can be a terrific boost.

Getting treatment

Very often, those suffering from addiction of any type will contact a counsellor. This can often be the first step towards putting in place powerful and effective treatment that will help. CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - can be used as well as methods such as individual, family or couple counselling. Psychotherapy may be recommended to treat any other mental health problems that may be adding to the problem of addiction.

Why choose counselling?

If your addiction is due to drugs, the counsellor will help you to fight much more than just your physical dependency. Relapse can still occur even after detox is completed and this is often due to outside factors such as social or psychological stress. Environmental factors, work problems, being with the wrong type of friends; all of these and many more aspects can bring you down and before you know it, the addiction is on its way back. When you get the urge to return to using any addictive substance, your counsellor will help you to fight the craving and provide you with techniques and ways of dealing with life, other than falling back onto using drugs or alcohol.

Your next step

There are many types of counselling therapies available to help with addiction. Some methods work better on certain individuals than others and it will be up to your counsellor to identify the best approach to suit you. A treatment plan can only be created once an in-depth consultation has taken place, allowing your therapist to tailor it to suit your specific needs.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a suitable counsellor or therapist please contact us and we will identify one that can help you.

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