Therapy for ADHD

Children suffering from ADHD can be helped to deal with symptoms such as impulsiveness, being hyperactive and inability to concentrate. Therapy will not help get rid of the ADHD but it will enable the child to control it more, helping parents at the same time.

Therapy can help

A counsellor or therapist that provides ADHD treatment may show them ways to focus and remain organised or look at ways of reducing the behaviour that creates problems both at school and home. Children suffering from ADHD can have problems making friends, forming relationships and will generally turn home life into chaos. If the ADHD is fairly serious then behavioural therapy coupled with medication should help. If the ADHD is not so pronounced then the therapy alone may be all that it takes to reduce the stress and pressure that is being experienced.

Using coping skills

ADHD therapy is very important as it continues to help long after medication has worn off. A professional therapist will show the children how to use coping skills that will be useful even as they grow. These techniques can enable to child to participate much more at school and have more beneficial relationships with parents. This type of ADHD therapy may be referred to as ‘parent training’ as it requires the parents to get involved as well as the child. They will be shown how to interact with the child in a different way, resulting in behaviour that is far more desirable.

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