Therapy for Alcohol-related Problems

Alcohol-related problems can relate to a great many conditions such as dependence or addiction. All have one thing in common and that is the repeated and continual use of alcohol.

The first step

It is an illness that usually gets worse with time with those affected completely unable to control their cravings for drink. This in turn will lead to a whole host of other problems. A therapist can help if you have alcohol-related issues. The illness is thought to be due to both physiological and cognitive dependence which can lead to damage within the body as well as social and mental difficulties and eventually liver disease. If you are able to admit that you have a problem with alcohol then you have made the first step towards recovery.

CBT can help

By consulting a professional therapist or psychoanalyst, they will use treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help control your addiction. This will be used to investigate your current thought processes and ways of thinking and will change the negative for positive; this will help to break the chain of your psychological or emotional ties to alcohol. Once you can understand your feelings and thoughts, the impulses that make you want to drink will begin to cease, putting you back in control of your life again.

Your counsellor who is expert in the field of alcohol-related problems will be able to discuss your dilemma with you in complete confidence, offering the expert guidance that you require to eradicate the use of alcohol from your life.

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