Therapy for Bi-Polar disorder

Psychotherapy can be an extremely effective treatment to help patients with bi-polar disorder. Therapy provides you with an opportunity to discuss in private your innermost feelings, thoughts and worries. By talking with your therapist about even the most personal of things, you will begin to understand and begin to deal with any problems that are creating havoc in your personal or work life. If you are struggling with medication, it can also provide you with the strength to commit to continuing with it, enabling you to look to the future in a positive way.

Different forms of psychotherapy

Different forms of psychotherapy are often used to help those with bipolar disorder, such as behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy and social rhythm therapy. Your counsellor may also recommend the use of support groups where you can meet people who are in the same situation, providing each other with encouragement and the ability to share stories and voice fears or concerns. This is a great way of ensuring that you feel less isolated and the benefits of this kind of ‘talk’ therapy are many.

How your therapist can help

By making use of the services of a skilled therapist, they will be able to work with you towards establishing practical routines that will enable you to fit in with your family, control your mood, discuss symptoms and understand the stresses that may trigger particular episodes. If you have any other underlying problems such as addictions, anxiety, eating disorders etc., you counsellor will be in a good position to guide you in the right direction.

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