Therapy for Cancer

Whereas cancer is now more treatable than it used to be, thanks to advances in science, its detection and subsequent diagnosis is still a very scary experience. Whether you are being treated for cancer or have a friend or loved one that is suffering, many frightening thoughts, emotions and feelings can manifest as a result. Left untouched, they can begin to dramatically impact upon your enjoyment of life.

Let a counsellor help

This is where a mental health professional, therapist of counsellor can help. There is no going back once cancer has been detected but this does not mean that your life has to permanently change for the worse. Depending upon the type of cancer and the stage it is at, thoughts of end of life can overtake your thinking and affect everyone concerned. This is where counselling can be invaluable as a trained professional can not only provide support but can help you to come to terms with your diagnosis and deal with it more positively.

Finding ways to cope

There are counsellors and psychoanalysts that are trained to help those with cancer and many doctors and specialists actively encourage their patients to seek help and assistance. This way, they can find ways to help them to cope with their illness and diagnosis and manage their emotions and feelings in a much more proactive way.

Depression, anger and anxiety can all manifest once cancer is detected but a skilled therapist will find ways of helping you to cope with this, as well as any major life changes or worries about treatment. If you are concerned due to not being able to work, loss of income or how your family is going to cope with your illness, discussing and sharing your fears can help to reduce the stress and allow you to put in place practical ways of coping.

If you are struggling to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis, fill in the form below and let us put you in touch with a skilled counsellor or therapist who can help.

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