Therapy for Career

Career counselling provides you with a great way of getting to know yourself and ways in which to apply this to the world of work. During the process, your career development can be investigated with a view towards identifying the best type of job for you, whether you are new to the field of employment or simply looking for a change.

Career counselling therapy

If you consult with a psychoanalyst or therapist to help you with career counselling, they will investigate all work and career related matters. If you are already working within a tough and competitive business environment then you may be feeling constantly pressured and as if every day is a constant battle to keep afloat. If you are doing a job you love, you may not mind doing this but if your job is no longer the right one for you, the stress may be forcing you to look at making a change.

You may be faced with a mix of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Do you feel dissatisfied with your current career? Not sure what to do about promotion? That your salary is not what is should be? That the job is too high pressure or too boring and repetitive? Add this to problems like conflicts with colleagues or even your boss and you will immediately begin to feel restless and pushed towards change.

Your needs and priorities

A talented career counsellor will look at your individual needs as a person, your priorities in life and help you to assess the best career path for you.

You may find your therapist guiding you in the direction of:

  • Examining a range of career options from a database of choices
  • Focusing on a career that fits your personality and goals
  • Improving your employability
  • Pushing forward towards a pathway of career growth
  • Beginning to love what you do

Expert career counselling can help you as a professional to overcome obstacles, no matter what they may be. By discovering new things about yourself and upping your competitive advantages, you will soon find yourself on the way towards a new and successful career. If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor that can help you to deal with your career therapy, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist.

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