Therapy for Child Related Issues

Child-related issues are very often dealt with by psychoanalysts and counsellors when the children or their family require support or help. Families may be finding it hard to cope with difficult behaviour or extreme emotions, resulting in it impacting upon time spent at school and at home.

Professional counselling

Schools sometimes provide counsellors that can help with child related issues but this often leaves children or their families left to seek further help in the form of professional counselling. What type of counselling takes place will depend upon the therapist and the age of the child and the child related issues and difficulties being experienced. Your analyst may use play and art therapy to communicate with young children involving the use of painting, storytelling, puppets or dolls. This will enable the children to express their feelings, anxieties and fears.

Older children may just wish to talk to someone in private, allowing them to open up about their innermost worries and stresses. Often this type of anxiety in adolescents can result in things such as difficult behaviour, eating disorders, depression or even suicidal feelings.

Overcoming difficulties

The therapist dealing with the child related issues will take a full case history before deciding on the most appropriate type of therapy to use with regard to the child and/or their family. However, the aim of the therapy will always be the same; to enable the child to cope and to overcome their difficulties, resuming a normal happy life. They will be shown how to overcome the child related issues and make the most of their personal strengths, expressing themselves in a healthy way.

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