Therapy for Compulsive Personality Disorder

Therapy and counselling is widely available to help treat compulsive personality disorder. Psychotherapy has been proven to be immensely effective when the most suitable techniques and methods for coping are matched to suit the client’s particular symptoms. Whilst medication may be prescribed at the same time, overcoming the disorder is far more effective when this is used in conjunction with psychotherapy.

You are in control

When you consult with your therapist

When you consult with your therapist, they will deal with your CPD by ensuring that you are happy and feel in control of your treatment regime before it begins. The process will move forward gradually, ensuring that there is a great deal of trust between client and analyst. You will be encouraged to talk freely and openly, all in complete confidence, so that your counsellor can work with you, helping you to express how you feel without struggling too much.

Removing damaging thoughts

Very often, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) will be used to help with any psychological disorders that you may have. This will be most effective in challenging your current way of thinking and replacing damaging and destructive thoughts with positive ones. CBT will be used to try and change your core beliefs gradually, even those that stretch back as far as your early childhood. In many cases, CBT will prove invaluable when treating your CBD, tacking the emotional barriers and fears that have resulted in your controlling behaviours and destructive thought patterns.

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