Therapy for Cyberbullying

If you find yourself the victim of cyberbullying then a professional counsellor can provide you with a safe and secure environment in which to discuss your feelings and emotions. If bullying is causing you to feel isolated, afraid, and anxious and even depressed, amongst a whole load of other responses, then therapy can assist by allowing you to share and deal with the negative feelings.

Coping skills 

If left unattended, they can increase and begin to impact upon your enjoyment of life along with the state of your physical and emotional health. If you continually feel victimised then relationships with family and friends may begin to implode, leaving you feeling unable to cope.

The role of your therapist or cyberbullying counsellor will be to show you how the experience is impacting upon your life and provide you with powerful coping skills. These may include such things as being more assertive and setting boundaries. Support groups where you share with others in the same situation can also be a great way to set the path towards a healing remedy.

Bullies need help too

As well as those on the receiving end of cyberbullying, the bully may also need therapy. Although often reluctant to admit to their part in the bullying behaviour, bullies also need to understand the impact that their constant actions can have on the receiver. They can be shown why they bully and learn how to deal with events in the past that may have resulted in their bullying behaviour.

Whether you are the bullied or the bully, your therapist will work closely, showing you the ways to deal with the behaviour and will prove to you that there is life after cyberbullying.

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