Therapy for Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse may be hard for those around you to detect as very often the partner or parent will gain control in subtle ways and often out of earshot of others. They may attack you verbally, reject you physically, bully, isolate, humiliate or intimidate.

Talk safely and securely

If your emotional abuse is being caused by someone that is very close to you, your therapist will not recommend that you be treated together as this may cause the emotional abuse to intensify. Your counsellor will most likely suggest that you have a personal session with them so that you can talk safely and securely. As you build up a relationship with your emotional abuse therapist you will feel even more likely to open up and discuss what is going on. If physical abuse is taking place at the same time, this should be included when you talk.

Self-esteem will improve

If your abuser tries to keep you apart from those who may help you, such as friends and family, you may be worried about seeking help. However, if you can just make this first step, once therapy begins you should begin to feel your self-esteem rising and more able to move away from the abusive partner and terminate the relationship. Your emotional abuse counsellor can help provide you with practical ways of moving away safely.

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