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Therapy for Internet Addiction

Many of us like to use the internet but once it becomes problematic and an addiction more than casual use, mental health problems can result in internet addiction. Sometimes referred to as problematic internet use, internet addiction can be assessed by your therapist depending upon how much you are using the internet. If it is beginning to negatively impact upon family, work, social life and relationships then action needs to be taken to bring it back under control.

A real addiction

By consulting with a professional internet addiction therapist or counsellor, they can provide direct treatment and eradicate the problem. Although internet addiction is not formally recognised as an addiction, it is treated by analysts and has much in common with other addictions such as gambling or even impulse control disorders.

Internet addiction will involve a great amount of time using the internet online but it can be treated by a professional therapist who understands addiction. Once you understand that you have a problem and make a move to seek help, your internet addiction psychoanalyst can begin to help you. Obviously everyone needs to use the internet sometime so the goal will be to reduce your use and not completely negate it.

Therapy to suit you

Expanding upon your level of internet addiction, your therapist may use a mix of methods to assist you including group or family therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy or whatever form of psychotherapy seems the most appropriate.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor or analyst that makes use of therapy to treat internet addiction, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist

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