Therapy for Lack of Confidence

When you have plenty of confidence, you feel great. However, when you self-confidence drops, everything about you changes. Not only do you feel uncomfortable on the inside, but from the outside there will be many tell-tale signs; your body language, attitude, way of speaking, reactions, appearance – all of these and many more will alter. Whereas before you used to feel positive about yourself and your ability to do things, low self-confidence usually brings with it negative feelings which in turn can lead to disappointment and loss of achievement.

How do you know if you are suffering from lack of confidence?

Do you feel as if you are failing at everything you do? Has your drive and passion reduced? Shyness can increase and you may even feel worthless and as if everyone else is better than you. You may find yourself struggling with personal relationships and at work. Sometimes it can just affect certain elements of your life. For example, you may feel confident with a few close friends but struggle in social situations. When you are confident you are able to build upon your strengths, accept that you cannot be good at everything and accept support when needed. If you are struggling to do this, then lack of confidence could be an issue.

Can counselling help with lack of confidence?

Lack of confidence can arise from many events and influences, including those that made an impact upon you when you were young. If you were discouraged to say what you felt or to make your needs clear, as you mature you may feel that you have less to offer than others. This is where counselling for lack of confidence can help. Using a mix of therapies and methods such as life coaching or hypnotherapy, your counsellor will work with you to build your confidence. By allowing you to talk about your disappointments and feelings, suitable techniques and strategies can be put in place to change your negative thinking.

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