Therapy for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues

LGBT issues can be many and varied but often clients will be suffering from problems similar to those experienced by heterosexuals, such as anxiety, depression, trouble with relationships or family etc. However, these issues can often be made worse by their sexual orientation which is why a skilled therapist will develop a treatment plan taking this into account.

Help from a skilled counsellor

Dealing with these types of concerns is not a problem as there are many counsellors and psychoanalysts that have specific training and knowledge when it comes to dealing with LGBT issues and the associated problems. A treatment called gay-affirmative therapy may be used; this assumes that you are fine with your identity and that moving towards changing your sexual identity is not the purpose of the treatment.

During this type of process, your skilled counsellor will look at their own anti-homosexual attitude as well as that of the patient. This will cover the whole spectrum from homophobia to heterosexism and much more. Your therapist will be acutely aware that they must not employ any stereotypical misconception while carrying out treatment and they will do all possible to be as understanding and as helpful as they can. The important element of the treatment at this stage is for them to develop a trusting and open relationship with the client.

Your therapist will guide not push you

At the same time, they will be in tune with many issues related to LGBT including ‘coming out’. The best therapists are those that have no set plan as to how complex issues relating to identity and affiliation are dealt with and they will not push client in any one direction.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor that can help you to deal with your LGBT issues, no-matter your age, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist.

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