Therapy for low self-esteem

Feelings of low self-esteem can shatter your once happy lifestyle and you may find yourself struggling in social situations as well as at work. This is where a supportive and professional counsellor or therapist can help as they will enable you to take a step back and take a good look at yourself, seeing your many good points as well as the few negative ones.

Talk in confidence

By talking openly, freely and in confidence, your analyst will show you how to get to know the real you and all of your many unique and excellent qualities. Choosing the right counsellor for you is essential as you need to feel comfortable with them and safe in the knowledge that they will make you appreciate your individuality.

You need to trust them and feel able to open up and talk frankly. They may use person-centred counselling which will show you how to focus on your needs or transactional analysis which will provide you with a path to follow. If they employ the use of CBT, a cognitive behavioural therapist will show you how to eradicate negative thinking processes and assumptions and replace them with positive ones.

Change your viewpoint

They will be able to provide you with a new viewpoint when it comes to your personal life, showing you just how patterns and habits in your early life may have impacted negatively upon you. Once you begin to value yourself you will begin to change the way you feel and think. Your goals will become more realistic as you come to grips with the powerful ways in which you can elevate your self-esteem. Not only will you feel far more content and happier but as you begin to change, your relationships with those around you will also improve.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor that can help you to deal with your self-esteem problems, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist.

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