Therapy for Miscarriage

Any woman that is unfortunate enough to experience miscarriage may find herself targeted by a whole host of negative emotions and thoughts. Unfortunately, miscarriage is not uncommon so many women find themselves having to deal with the after-effects of this upsetting event.

Don’t suffer in silence

Losing an unborn child, no matter at what stage of pregnancy, can result in long lasting trauma that can affect both the mother of the child and the rest of the family. But these women do not have to suffer in silence and if you are struggling to cope with the after-effects of miscarriage, there are therapists and counsellors who can help.

You may feel as if your emotions are taking you on a roller-coaster ride but not a pleasant one. Feelings of loss, grief and anger coupled with hormone fluctuations can bring about very intense mood swings and feelings of not being able to cope. The resultant trauma can manifest in many ways, producing both physical and emotional problems. You may be unwell, experience pain in the abdomen, feel depressed and out of touch with reality. All pleasure previously derived from spending time with friends and family may disappear and relationships can suffer.

Getting pregnant again

Thoughts of getting pregnant again may overtake your thoughts with part of you badly wanting to conceive again and the other half of you fearful that this may result in a further loss. Pregnancy after miscarriage can be an ongoing traumatic event with the feeling that something bad is going to happen never leaving your mind.

Anxiety can be at an all-time high throughout the duration of the pregnancy which is why women that find themselves in this situation require continued support. Whilst family members may be able to help, discussing your darkest fears with your counsellor can bring things into perspective and enable you to move forward.

If you would like us to put you in touch with a counsellor that can help you to deal with your miscarriage, fill in the form below. We will identify a practitioner that is suitable for you and who will be able to assist.

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