Therapy for Pregnancy and Antenatal Depression

Depression during pregnancy and during the antenatal period can be particularly upsetting and treatment has to be administered very carefully. With hormones raging and the stresses and strains of bringing a new baby into the world lying heavily upon you, it is not surprising that many women suffer in this way.

Feeling anxious and depressed

The condition can be intensified by the woman fearing that treatment cannot be applied due to her pregnant state and possible harm occurring to the baby. However, this is not the case so if you find yourself feeling depressed, help is always available.

Depression may creep upon you suddenly; one minute you feel a little anxious and tired and then you find yourself facing an onslaught of real depression. If this is the case, the symptoms will persist and will stay with you, maybe bringing with them thoughts of hopelessness, inability to cope and even suicide.

The essential thing is to get treatment at the first opportunity; leaving the condition alone will not make it go away. Struggling to look after yourself, particularly if you do not have family around to assist, can result in serious problems, affecting both mother and child.

Counselling can help

This is where a qualified pregnancy and antenatal depression counsellor can help. Medication is not the only way to go; your therapist will want you to talk to her so that she can listen and find out exactly how you are feeling. Now is the time to voice your worst fears and thoughts, safe in the knowledge that your discussions will be totally confidential. By understanding your depression, your therapist can begin to put together a treatment plan that will rid you of the terrible feelings of sadness and inability to cope. By using well-practiced techniques and therapies your psychoanalyst will be able to rid you of the depression and return you to a state of normality, able to look forward to the future.

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