Therapy for Relationship Difficulties

Relationship difficulties can affect us all at some time; no matter how much you may love your partner, problems can creep in. If you are struggling to deal with the situation and fear that you may be driven apart permanently, a counsellor can help.

Restoring intimacy

By talking with both of you, getting you both to speak frankly and honestly and work on your communication skills, intimacy can be restored and a path forward can be plotted. There are a variety of therapies that can be applied, all helping to rebuild the relationship. Most of the time, you will be treated together as a couple although it is not uncommon for individuals to seek one-to-one therapy, returning to their partner to put into practice the techniques they have learned. If children or other members of the family are involved, tension can generally be relieved by therapy.

Talking together

However, don’t expect your analyst to choose a side or insist that one of you is right and the other wrong; this is not the way they work. By getting you to open up, they will encourage the therapy to take place without any set goal in mind. This way, the relationship is far likely to flourish as you begin to understand each other and communicate your thought processes. Listening to each other is also paramount to good therapy.

Relationship difficulties can be resolved by therapy as long as both partners are prepared to commit to taking part. Being honest with each other is crucial as well as a real desire to make the relationship work.

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