Many of us may feel melancholic to see the end of the summer, but none more so than when we are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). As the days shorten, the temperature drops and we have fewer daylight hours, many can find themselves feeling a type of depression.

More than just winter blues

SAD can make you feel tired the entire time, moody, short-tempered, and relatively morose and despondent no matter what you do. If these symptoms are ongoing, do not lessen, and begin to affect your day-to-day life, then treatment is essential. Some may try to make light of it, referring to it as purely winter blues but in fact SAD is a form of depression which will last throughout the winter months. At its most severe, SAD can even result in feelings of utter despair and hopelessness, with some sufferers even reporting feeling suicidal.

Tackling your symptoms

If you can identify with these feelings and have been feeling this way for at least a couple of winter seasons, then professional help can assist. Psychoanalysts and counselors can ascertain whether you do indeed have Seasonal Affective Disorder and if so, can put together a plan of action to treat it. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy can be a great help when it comes to tackling the symptoms of SAD. Light therapy and antidepressants may help in short term but if you really want to rid yourself of this unpleasant and debilitating winter problem, therapy is the way to go.

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