Therapy for Smoking

Many of us rush to pick up a pack of cigarettes when we feel stressed or purely due to habit. If this is you and you really want to get rid of your smoking problem, therapy can provide you with many ways to cope, replacing the need for cigarettes by mastering other techniques.

Changing your habits

When you find yourself smoking too much and possibly exacerbating the problem by adding into the mix with negative thoughts such as ‘I’ve been smoking for so long, why stop now?’ or similar, your smoking counsellor can provide you with positive thoughts that will pave the way towards your non-smoking future.

Not everyone smokes to combat stress but many do. If this is one of the factors that pushes you towards this habit that can be devastating with regard to your health, then your therapist may suggest treatment such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help.

Why CBT?

CBT works very cleverly. It focuses on targeting your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. It will make use of two approaches, behavioural and cognitive therapy. Your therapist will use cognitive therapy to talk through your thought patterns and how you are feeling. This can be done individually or in a group. They will focus on the many challenges that you are up against, including problems or stresses within your life, at work and on a personal level. In order to give up smoking you may also discuss past events that may have acted as triggers.

Using CBT your unhealthy and sometimes distorted way of thinking will be tackled and you will be provided with new ways of dealing with your old ways of thinking. Your counsellor will also show you how to see the difference between unrealistic and realistic thoughts so that your behaviour will gradually change.

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