Therapy for Trauma

Trauma can result from a great many events and circumstances and therapy can help to control and eradicate feelings that have resulted. If you are a victim of trauma then a skilled counsellor can help by introducing processes such as exposure therapy and cognitive restructuring methods that will assist with physical and emotional adjustment.

Let’s take a look at two of the most frequently used therapies:

Exposure therapy

By bringing exposure therapy into play, your therapist will enable you to cope with traumatic memories and situations that are linked to the trauma. By doing this, you will experience within a safe environment the unpleasant physical or emotional feelings that have become a problem. You may feel that you need to avoid certain locations, events or people because if you do not, something bad will happen again.

Exposure will help by showing you that your fears need not come true and will bring them into perspective. If memories are the key to your trauma, therapy and counselling will help you to come to terms with them too.

Cognitive Restructuring

By using this type of cognitive therapy, your analyst will show you how to identify and change your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. The way that you react to a situation will be changed so that you will no longer view it as a dangerous or threatening event. Your counsellor will illustrate to you that the danger has been originating from the way that you perceived the trauma and that by changing your perception, the fear will dissipate.

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