Therapy for Work related issues

Work-related issues can easily trigger feelings of stress and despondency. When your job becomes too much for you to deal with and challenges become something you fear rather than enjoy, you may begin to experience feelings of not being able to cope. Some stress at work is normal but once levels begin to escalate, both body and mind can suffer.

What is work related stress?

If you begin experiencing unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms related to work, then it is time to take note and understand why this is happening. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, you are under or over-eating, smoking or drinking excessively or feeling moody and out of control of your emotions then all of these and more could be signs of stress.

How do you feel about your job? Do you still enjoy it or do you dread the thought of being at work? Is your confidence dropping? Do you feel isolated and maybe easily brought to tears? Has your passion and love for your job waned or even totally disappeared? You may even have developed physical symptoms such as feeling ill, experiencing sickness and diarrhoea or disinterest in sex. These and many other signs can be manifestations of stress due to work related issues.

Counselling can help

If you feel yourself heading towards depression or you are in a permanent state of anxiety, then counselling can help. By consulting a professional therapist, they will be able to get to the bottom of your work related issues and resultant stress. Because we all react differently to a variety of scenarios, they will work with you to understand why you are thinking and acting in a certain way and why this is triggered by your job.

By understanding your feelings and examining the likely stress factors, your counsellor will show you a way of going forward, eradicating your stress and dealing with the negative influences at work.

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