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Over the last 12 months, everyone’s mental health has been tested. However, for many, getting help has been prohibitively expensive. We believe everyone should be able to access mental healthcare from a qualified professional. That’s why at UK Therapy Guide, we have launched our all-new Affordable Therapy Subscription - to give people the opportunity to benefit from a Therapeutic Relationship starting at just £99/month for our Lotus subscription.

This is the UK’s first Affordable Therapy subscription service, and you can choose from different formats, depending on your needs.

Lotus Subscription - £99/MONTH

Non-peak times weekdays 11-4 pm

Ongoing online  30 minute sessions at the same time on the same day every week

Providing a secure confidential therapeutic space

30-minute sessions payment advance

Discount on multiple month booking

Jasmine Subscription - £109/MONTH

Our package for weekdays 9-6 pm

More availability at prime times

30-minute sessions

Discount on multiple month booking

Subscription Freeze for 2 weeks per year

Orchid Subscription £130/MONTH

Full flexibility and range of timings including mornings evenings and weekends.

30 min sessions

Different types of therapy including more specialised modalities  such as EMDR

Choice of 2  X 60 sessions per month

Discount on multiple month booking

Subscription Freeze for

4 weeks per year


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Please note that we also offer discount therapy for NHS workers and carers. Please click here for more details.

Affordable Online Therapy from UK Therapy Guide

Why providing affordable therapy is so important:

Only 3% of the UK (around 1 million, according to the NHS) are receiving treatment for mental health conditions.

75% of people looking for help won’t receive it (6 million people).

Our research indicates that at least 32% of people in the UK cannot afford the help they need.

The waiting lists for therapy in the UK on the NHS are at least 18 weeks

Most NHS programmes only provide CBT, not psychotherapy or other forms of therapy, which means that many people do not receive the appropriate treatment for their condition.

Private Therapy in the UK is usually £65/session, which is just too expensive for most people.

These statistics paint a bleak picture, which is why we wanted to create a solution. We want everyone to be able to benefit from therapy, and providing this low-cost therapy subscription gives people who would otherwise not have access the chance to feel better.
We have launched this service as we are aware that so many people in the UK are suffering and have found getting help inaccessible. We have built our new monthly subscription service to respond to this need, so head over to our dedicated page to schedule your affordable session. 
UKTG Affordable therapists 
As part of our Low-Cost Therapy Subscription, we’ve partnered with leading UK therapists who want to support those in need. View some of them below: 


Visit our Subscriptions Page to view all therapists. 

Every year, millions of people don’t receive treatment because of high costs and long waiting times. We can help. 
According to a recent study, every one out of six people over the age of 16 in the UK has experienced the symptoms of a mental health condition in the past seven days. Issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression can affect everyone, regardless of their gender, age, and social status; even one out of eight children in the UK is estimated to suffer from a mental health condition. 

Unfortunately, not all those who need treatment also receive it, and high therapy costs are one of the main reasons why this happens. Historically, the cost of high-quality therapy is prohibitively expensive, which is why, sometimes, precisely the people who need it the most struggle in silence. 

In the past few years, things have been getting better; the NHS has acknowledged the need for affordable therapy, and programmes such as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies were well-received because they aim to treat a high percentage of referred people within six weeks to ensure optimal results. In 2018/2019, nearly 90% of patients who completed a therapy programme waited less than six weeks. However, the situation isn’t so bright across all of Britain, as shown by regional statistics. While patients in Basildon and Brentwood waited for an average of 4 days to see a therapist, those in Manchester waited for up to 61 days – and that can severely impact the outcome of the treatment. What’s more, the waiting times between the first and second sessions were anywhere between 22 to 162 days.  

Another worrying fact is that people with low-income, from deprived areas in England, need access to therapy the most. And yet, there is a disconnect between demand and supply because significantly fewer people from disadvantaged areas receive treatment compared to those from more privileged areas.  

At UK Therapy Guide, we want to bridge this gap and offer access to low-cost therapy. With our subscription, you will receive access to affordable therapy services, without compromising on quality. 

The COVID-19 crisis may prevent people from seeking therapy. 

The pandemic has been hard on everyone’s emotional balance. Between lockdown restrictions that prevent us from seeing our loved ones and enjoying our hobbies, to living with constant health anxiety, it’s been a tough year. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of people who need mental health support increased considerably: 

22% of UK adults reported feeling hopeless

54% reported feeling frustrated 

42% of students experienced the symptoms of a mental health condition

During the pandemic, the mental health challenges that people sought treatment for the most were anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. 

People from low-income households are more likely to experience the negative effects of the pandemic. Even before that, studies found that people from low-income households £1,200/month were at a higher risk. Now, this category is even more vulnerable because the pandemic has led to a rise in unemployment and financial insecurity. 

If your mental health has gotten worse during the pandemic and you need someone to talk to, high therapy fees should not prevent you from getting help. Through our Low-Cost Therapy Subscription, you can get access to hundreds of qualified therapists across the UK and schedule affordable online sessions. 

How to access our Affordable Therapy Subscription

Accessing our Affordable therapy subscription is easy. Here’s how it works

  • Go straight to Our Store
  • Select which day of the week you would like appointments and at what time 
  • Browse our list of qualified therapists and choose one that offers your desired therapy format.
  • Choose the type of therapy you prefer. You can take therapy over the phone or online. 

After completing these steps, your therapist will speak to you each week at the day and time you choose over the phone or online to help you with everything you have been through, are experiencing, and hope to achieve through therapy.


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