Marriage and relationship therapy – How therapy can help marriages heal?


It is, but natural, that couples face several problems throughout their marriage. Even the most beloved couples are prone to problems such as misunderstandings, lack of communication, and trust issues.

However, these problems are not what breaks a marriage. A marriage is doomed to fail only when the two people involved stop making an effort to fix things.

Marriage is not a one-day affair, it is a lifelong commitment; and, requires time, effort, and patience to tide over the rough patches that appear time and again. Often you might want to give up or feel as if there is nothing more that you can do – at such a point in time, it might be ideal to consult with a therapist.

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is provided by licensed therapists who are trained to help two people resolve their differences. It is like a counselling session that will help you two –

  •  Identify your problems,
  •  Improve communication,
  •  Resolve your differences, and
  •  Rebuild trust in your relationship.

So, does it work?

Well, yes – couples therapy can help marriages heal. Research suggests that there is a close to 50% success rate when it comes to saving marriages; and, improving the longevity and quality of relationships.

However, the result of couples therapy will also be largely affected by factors such as –

  •  How dedicated are the two of you to saving your marriage?
  •  Are you both willing to put in the time and effort that is required?

Top 4 ways in which couples therapy can help your marriage

If you are considering signing up for a couples therapy session, here are some ways in which you can expect your marriage to heal –

  1.  Allows the couple to take a little time off

Often couples drift apart simply because they don’t give sufficient, quality time to each other. It leads to a feeling of isolation and fuels misunderstandings. Couples therapy will gently force you to take some time off work and focus on rebuilding your relationship.

  1.  Helps identify behavioural patterns

Most problems in a relationship are due to some kind of behavioural pattern that causes conflict and miscommunication. A relationship therapist is trained to identify these patterns and they can help you change them as well.

  1.  Helps improve communication

If communication is your problem – couples therapy can work wonders for your relationship. A therapist, initially, acts as an intermediary between the couple but aims to slowly help them effectively communicate with each other.

  1.  Encourages you to work on your marriage

Overall, a couples therapy session will encourage you to give your relationship some time. It will re-instate the importance of working on your marriage, each day. That particular shift in mindset can be the biggest game-changer in saving your relationship.

Find the right therapist for you

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