We are delighted to announce that Anchor Counselling, of whom our UKTG registered therapist Dr. John Barrett is a member of, are putting on a CBT workshop, taking place on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of June,10am-4.30pm.

This will take place at Imperial College London, St. Mary’s Campus (2 minutes walk from Paddington Station).

John has kindly offered his fellow UKTG therapists a 15% discount, and the price has been reduced from £210 to £180 for the two day course.

Find out more about the course by clicking here

You can also get further details at www.anchorcounselling.org.uk/training

To reserve your place, please contact John at drjohnbarrett@gmail.com or 07831174156

About the course

Trained in another modality and want to learn about CBT?

This training course for counsellors and psychotherapists offers you a unique opportunity to learn the essentials of CBT in a 2-day weekend intensive with highly experienced therapist and trainer Dr. Adrian Hemmings. The course is designed specifically for therapists who have trained in other modalities, addressing the reservations that they may have about CBT head on, and showing how the most effective elements of CBT can be successfully integrated into other ways of working. Research has demonstrated that CBT can be most effective in treating anxiety and depression, but clients find its ‘homework’ based approach too formulaic and lacking in empathy. Having completed this weekend training you will be confident to incorporate the key elements of CBT into your work, so enabling you to be a more effective therapist.