Today I would like to share a deeply personal yet profound experience of my life. I did not talk about it often until recently when I realized that I must share it with others because if it can help even one person in need, it would be well-worth the effort. 

Here is how therapy helped me break out from my depression

Due to certain unfortunate circumstances, I fell into a dark space in life. I was stuck there for quite sometime until I sought help. And, it was the best decision I could have made for my mental health. Therapy helped me fight my depression as –

  • It helped me accept my depression. I had been in denial for a long time but therapy made me accept that I had a problem and I needed to fix it. Accepting my problem was the first, and most important, step towards recovery.
  • It gave me a safe space to talk. I had been bottling up so many things since a long time and finally talking to someone about it made a big difference. When you start talking, you often realise things about your own self that you did not knew existed.
  • It gave me actionable advice. I earlier thought therapy was all about talking and sharing things but I actually learnt a lot of coping mechanisms and practices that I slowly ingrained in my daily life. It transformed my life for the better.

Therapy, for me, was life changing. It took time and patience but it got me to a better mental space. It helped me break out from my depression and heal.

Signs that you may be depressed

We often try to suppress our mental health issues by thinking that maybe it is just a rough day or a bad week. We think sleeping over it might fix things. But, if you have clinical depression, you need to treat it right.

And, the first step in treating depression, is to identify it. Signs of depression run deeper than just a persistent hopeless feeling. Here are some signs that you should look out for to determine whether or not you are suffering from depression –

  • Have you lost interest in things and activities that earlier interested you?
  • Are you experiencing unusually high levels of stress and anxiety?
  • Do you feel fatigue and tiredness all the time?
  • Are you experiencing emotional outbursts?
  • Have you noticed a change in appetite?  

My biggest learning – do not be embarrassed to seek help

Therapy helped me break out from my depression. I cannot credit it enough for the role it has played in my life. However, I have also come to realise that what truly helped me get the best out of therapy is the fact that I sought help at the right time.

My biggest learning from this experience is that one should never be embarrassed to seek help. If you are struggling with your emotions, your anxiety is eating you up or you cannot handle the unusually high stress levels – seek help. Just reach out to your friends, family and, most importantly, a professional therapist.

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