Have you decided that Skype therapy may be the ideal solution for you but don’t have the time to find a qualified or suitable therapist?  Then we can help.

Accreditation is essential

When locating a Skype therapist it is essential to know that they are fully accredited and experienced.  The best therapists will be accredited by one of the main bodies such as UKCP, BACP, BABCP or BPS.  Most counsellors have websites that show which professional body they are affiliated with.  When you make use of the https://www.uktherapyguide.com/ website, we will ensure that the Skype therapist recommended to you is totally professional and fully trained.

Your Skype therapist will also abide by the codes of ethics pertaining to their professional accreditation organisation, just as if they were working with you on a face-to-face basis.

Skype is easy to use

Because Skype therapy is provided over a free video link, all you need to take part is a computer, web camera and microphone or even a mobile phone.  Once you have downloaded the Skype app, you are ready to go and chat with your chosen therapist at a time of day and in a place to suit you.  And you don’t have to worry that Skype therapy will not be as effective as that provided in a traditional setting.  Research has shown that positive outcomes are similar to those obtained during face-to-face therapy.  Many clients actually prefer it because they feel more secure in their own home environment and more able to relax and talk freely.  If you find it hard to open-up to your counsellor when sitting in their office, Skype may be the perfect solution.

Skype counselling advantages

Because you have chosen to use a Skype therapist, you will not be restricted to using one in your area so you can focus more on quality of treatment rather than location.  The most important thing to remember is that you need to form a trusting relationship with your Skype counsellor; when you are no longer restricted geographically, finding one to suit your needs perfectly becomes a lot easier.

Some counsellors offer a free or reduced fee first Skype session so that you can see if you are both a good fit for each other.  You may even wish to chat with several therapists before making a final choice.  Because you won’t have to travel, your costs will be reduced thus you can ‘interview’ a few Skype therapists before committing.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Once your first session is due to commence, your counsellor will speak with you from a private room, applying the same rules of confidentiality as if you were in their office.  Payment is often made online via a method such as PayPal which is secure and safe.  The other great thing about seeing your therapist via Skype is that they are unlikely to live close to you so you will not feel embarrassed if you bump into them whilst out in the district or find that a friend of yours is seeing the same person.  Even though total confidentiality is guaranteed, this does not stop you feeling awkward if you meet.

Check out our site today, send your details to us, and let us match you with the perfect Skype therapist.