A new campaign has been launched by the charity Time to Change in order to stop the media from depicting depression with a ‘head-in-hands’ image.

The head clutching imagery contributes to the belief that people who are suffering from depression are constantly visibly distressed. Perhaps the most concerning resulting factor is that through the stigmatisation the images purvey, they have the potential to make people think that only those who are categorically experiencing what is seen in these media images need help.

The reality of depression is far from visible distress at all times. Indeed Stephen Fry who can be seen here helping to launch the campaign with a ‘fun head clutching picture’, is a good example of how someone can appear happy and lively (and no doubt there are times when he is) but as he has bravely given exposure to through his own experiences, beneath these often lie significant inner problems.

With this new campaign, mental health issues can be normalised, and reduce the stigma and lack of understanding surrounding mental health issues.