Online Counselling

Counselling is a wonderful and proven way to boost your overall well-being and promote mental health. In some cases, it is a need to have properly planned counselling sessions with a seasoned therapist to solve certain psychological issues that otherwise hinder a person’s success and prosperity in various walks of life. Counselling may be needed for a myriad of reasons: from workplace issues to marital problems, to addiction, stress and anxiety, sexual or emotional abuse, and a lot more.

What is Online Counselling all about?

Technology has played its part very well to change the rules of the game in almost every aspect of life. The world of counselling is no exception. Online counselling, remote therapy, web counselling are the different names that denote the same idea – counselling sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist which do not require the therapist and client to be in the same physical vicinity. They can be miles apart, connected via the internet, either through Skype or any other such program. Mobile phones, laptop, or tablet can be used to connect. It is usually left on the client’s discretion if he wants to video chat or talk like a regular call.

Who can benefit from Online Counselling?

Online counselling has seen a surge in demand lately and rightly so. Counselling sessions are generally aimed at healing the troubles of minds. And what another place would a person be more comfortable, other than the ease of his own home or workplace maybe? Human nature inherently resists change. When a person is already in some form of stress, so much so that he needs to talk to a specialist, there are very fewer chances that he’d like to get up and go to see a therapist. Online counselling proves to be a blessing in such cases. Without leaving the comfort of your place, you can talk and sort out your mental issues.

Also, for people who are generally shy and reserve natured, online counselling sessions have more chances of better performance. It becomes easy to talk about your problems if you are confident and relaxed in your familiar place rather than a clinical setting which might create hindrance in speaking one’s heart out about confidential matters.

Online counselling also proves to be useful for people who have long work hours or very hectic schedules. For such workaholics, it is very hard to manage time for counselling sessions. This seemingly inevitable putting off of counselling sessions can aggravate the mental problems to a detrimental degree. Online counselling can be very helpful in cases like these.

Moreover, online counselling sessions are extremely convenient for women in the family way or suffering from post-partum depression if leaving home is an issue for them. They are widely opted for by disabled people for whom commuting to and from the clinics can be a hassle. Online counselling can even be a good idea for child behavioural therapy sessions, for disgruntled kids often behave better in their familiar environment.

The effectiveness of online counselling sessions has been proven by some studies. Researchers have found online counselling sessions to be as effective as the traditional ones. This further adds to the viability of such sessions that not just save travelling time and cost but also serve their core purpose, i.e. the client’s mental health improvement.

Where to look for?

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