Whilst many clients are used to participating in face-to-face therapy, phone therapy is becoming increasingly popular.  Research also shows that therapy provided by phone can be a more suitable option for many people, being equally as effective as face-to-face consultations.

The effectiveness of phone-based therapy

For a long time, therapists have found that many clients quit attending their office for therapy after just a few sessions; with this in mind, phone therapy came into being.  The good news is that when clients take part in forms of psychotherapy over the phone, treating a range of ailments, more than 90% continue.  Studies showed that phone therapy was very effective with only 7.6% of clients dropping out compared to 50% when taking part in face-to-face therapy.  The other good news for sufferers is that therapy given over the phone is equally as effective when it comes to treating depression, phobias, stress, OCD, eating disorders etc.

The perfect solution for many

Phone therapy is the ideal solution for many, particularly those that find themselves unable to emotionally commit to in-person sessions or have practical barriers that prevent them taking part.  When therapy is provided by phone, therapists are able to communicate effectively with clients anywhere in the world, at any time and in a place where they feel secure and safe.

Phone therapy brings with it so many benefits; travel costs are removed, calls can take place at any time of day (evenings/weekends), catchment area is much larger as treatment is provided virtually and clients that would have found it impossible to take part in phone therapy before can now be treated effectively.

If clients find it hard to get to the therapist’s office due to physical illness or infirmity, lack of time or expensive travel costs or even suffer from something such as agoraphobia that prevents them from going outdoors, phone therapy is the perfect solution.  If stress and depression are draining their motivation and making it tough for them to show up for appointments, taking a phone call is much easier and puts less strain on them.

Finding the perfect phone therapist for you

If you are struggling with a mental health problem, phone therapy could be the ideal solution, enabling your problem to be treated at a time and place to suit you.  Wherever you are based in the UK, the process should be far more affordable and convenient. 

When you choose to use our website to identify a suitable therapist for your needs, we will assess the information that you provide to us and sift through the range of counsellors available before we recommend one.  When your therapist gets in touch you can ask about the options available and discuss costs and timings.

Check out our website today and fill in your details, location and other preferences.  Once you have done this you will be provided with a list that you can select from, enabling you to find the perfect therapist to suit your needs.