• Two men talking in a therapy session
    Which Therapy Type Is Right For You?
    by Felix
    There are quite a few different types of therapy and it can be hard to know where to start. Take this quiz to find out what type of therapy could be a good fit for you.
  • A sad looking woman at night looking at her phone
    How to cope with loneliness in lockdown for Christmas
    by Arteo
    In 2020, more UK adults report feeling lonely and hopeless during Christmas. Even though travelling and family gatherings are not recommended, you can still connect with your loved ones and find ways to cope.
  • A Christmas present
    Dealing with the financial pressures of Christmas
    by Arteo
    Dealing with the financial pressures of Christmas is difficult every year, let alone in 2020. Here’s what you can do to avoid feeling overwhelmed and enjoy the spirit of the holidays.
  • A couple laying under a blanket whilst embracing and holding hands
    What are the benefits of marriage counselling and how does it work
    by Arteo
    Married couples struggling to make their relationship and marriage work can benefit from therapy. In therapy sessions, both spouses get the chance to be listened to and understood. Couples attending marriage counselling can improve their relationship and resolve all existing marital issues.
  • A woman sitting on a sofa with nervous body language
    How anxious are you?
    by Felix
    Are you an anxious person by nature? Take our quiz to get an indication of your anxiety levels and see what steps you can take from there!
  • A semi-silhoutted man looking toward camera with blurred orange fairy lights in the background
    When this is not the most wonderful time of the year
    by Arteo
    Christmas time isn't the most wonderful time of the year for everybody. Some people experience stress, loneliness, and anxiety during the holiday period.
  • A person looking out of an open window of a moving car
    When you aren't looking forward to Christmas
    by Arteo
    The holiday season is supposed to be a time for joy and celebration, but some find it emotionally exhausting. Continue reading to find out what holiday depression is and what you can do about it.
  • A woman looking into a mirror
    How understanding yourself helps you reach your goals
    by Arteo
    If you struggle reaching your long-set goals, it may be because you are looking in the wrong direction. Instead of focusing on others, focusing on yourself can be a better way to reach your goals and achieve personal and professional success.
  • A man sitting in a booth using his laptop with one hand holding up his head
    How well do you deal with stress
    by Will
    How well do you deal with stress? Take our quiz and find out how you're doing else and what else you can do to cope!
  • A nurse sitting on the floor of a corridor
    Concerns for health workers when finding mental health support
    by Arteo
    Finding mental health support is crucial for the health workers that have been under enormous stress due to COVID-19. This guide will help you navigate the challenges of finding a good therapist and commence your mental health journey.
  • A close up of a doctor's crossed arms and stethoscope
    Preventing burnout for health workers
    by Arteo
    The past few months have been intense for healthcare workers. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to prevent burnout, a balanced diet, 30 minutes of exercise, and healthy sleeping patterns go a long way.