• A man in a black and white picture with the words "You are more powerful underneath" superimposed on top
    Weekly Roundup: Ending sports stigma, the impact of boarding schools and helping kids deal with anxiety
    by Becca
    Weekly roundup of mental health news, including helping children deal with anxiety, ending mental health stigma in professional sports and Amanda Holden's therapy experience.
  • Inside view of a virtual reality headset where one half is blue and the other black
    Virtual exposure.
    by Floss Knight
    We can not be who we are not We can not have what we can not reach We can not be full when we starve our souls We can stand in our truth and be seen The frenetic world in which we live where every waking and sleeping hour is dominated by devices and technology relying on obsessive levels of interaction that become habitual.
  • A worried and stressed looking older woman
    Therapy can be Mother’s little helper.
    by Caroline Gibbons
    Parenting and Motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It is universally accepted that being a teenager is often painful and tough but what about the unacknowledged challenges of being a mother during those difficult years? Having to live with rejection, abuse, insults, and mocking- living in a constant state of aroused awareness and hyper-vigilance to ensure your beloved children are OK?
  • A happy looking family taking a selfie in front of an old bulding
    Weekly Roundup: Making payments difficult, selfies and prioritising the mental health of young people
    by Becca
    A weekly roundup of mental health news, including the problem with selfies and how we should better understand the mental health challenges of young people.
  • The word dyslexia written in different colours and overlapping
    Making sense of feeling upside down, back to front & inside out
    by Jane
    Making sense of feeling upside down, back to front & inside out. Many people do not realise that therapists and counsellors can provide much needed help for those suffering from dyslexia. If you have been diagnosed with dyslexia or think you may have symptoms of dyslexia, read on.
  • LGBT rainbow thumbs up
    Opening up and coming Out LTBG Affirmative
    by Jane
    Opening up and coming out Affirmative counselling or therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people can help if you are feeling stressed, depressed or discriminated against because of your gender identity.