• trust-in-a-relationship
    5 Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship
    by Floss Knight
    Every relationship goes through its fair share of ups and downs as time goes by. However, only if the two people trust each other and have a strong, unshakeable faith in each other can their relationship survive the turbulent times.
  • compulsive-liar
    Am I a compulsive liar?
    by Floss Knight
    Some people develop a habit of lying to such an extent that it becomes second nature for them to lie at any given opportunity. While it might seem like an easy way out at a given time, it is definitely a recipe for disaster in the long run.
  • low-confidence-problem
    Low Confidence is a State of Mind (and, how you can fix it)
    by Floss Knight
    Yes, confidence (or, can also be referred to, in some ways, as self-esteem) is nothing but a state of mind. It is a state of mind which affects the way you think about yourself. It affects the way you feel about yourself, your situation, and the happenings around you.
  • student-mental-health
    5 Mental Health Tips for Students
    by Floss Knight
    Mental health is a concern for everyone including young adults; especially, the student population of the county. You might be surprised to know that stress levels are running exceptionally high among our younger generation.
  • best-tips-for-mental-health
    5 Tips for better mental health (plus, when to seek help)
    by Floss Knight
    If you have been struggling with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, then here are some quick and simple tips for you to take charge of your mental health.
  • online-counselling-saved-my-marriage
    Online relationship counselling saved my marriage
    by Floss Knight
    After trying quite a few things including talking to our parents, taking some time off, trying to talk to understand each other’s problems, and more, we finally decided to sign-up for counselling. And, it worked. Online relationship counselling saved my marriage.
  • New-Years-Resolution-Mental-Health
    My New Year's Resolution - Prioritizing my Mental Health
    by Floss Knight
    I make a lot of resolutions at the start of each year - sometimes its about taking out more time to catch up with friends and family; other times it has got to do with my physical health, financial issues and more. However, this time around, I am making just one, yet the the important, New Year's resolution - to prioritize my mental health, each and every time.
  • understand-yourself-to-heal
    Healing through understanding myself
    by Floss Knight
    While therapy and lot of other things can expediate your healing process, there is one thing that you must do to truly heal - understand your own self. Understanding yourself - your emotions, feelings, thoughts and more - will allow you to heal in the real sense.
  • how-therapy-helps-depression
    Therapy helps depression. How?
    by Floss Knight
    These are just a few ways in which therapy can help a patient suffering from depression. Patients suffering from anxiety, stress and other mental health disorders can also benefit from therapy.
  • relationship-counselling
    Why relationship counselling worked for us
    by Floss Knight
    When a relationship is getting suffocating or the couple feels that there are unresolved problems that they are not able to solve on their own, that is when a qualified, trained relationship counsellor can help change the tide.
  • 12 Tips to help you enjoy Christmas
    by Floss
    12 Tips to help you enjoy Christmas Weigh up the material alongside what really counts. Christmas should be about acts of kindness and love - not the number of gifts under the tree.
  • losing-a-parent
    The Devastation of Losing a Parent
    by Floss Knight
    If you have lost a parent recently, it is understandable that you might be in the darkest place right now. However, you must understand, you must believe that at the end of the day, you will heal from this. Here are a few things to do in such a delicate time.
  • therapy-emotions
    Therapy helped me understand my emotions
    by Floss Knight
    However, there is one more thing that I learnt from my therapy sessions which has helped me transform myself for the better – it helped me understand my emotions.
  • therapy-is-an-inside-job
    Therapy is an inside job
    by Floss Knight
    Why is therapy an inside job? Because it is you who has to, ultimately, do the work. You need to be committed, one hundred percent, to your own healing for therapy to work.
  • bad-breakup
    How to recover from a breakup?
    by Floss Knight
    Here are 5 simple yet effective ways to recover from a bad breakup and embrace life again. You can try these things and get on the path of recovery sooner than later.