• Online therapy in English
    Online therapy in English
    by Arteo
    Good work-life balance can be hard for any professional to attain, but it becomes particularly challenging when you’re an expat.
  • Telephone counselling pros and cons
    Telephone counselling pros and cons
    by Arteo
    When we think of going to therapy, most of us have this image of lying on a sofa and talking to someone that looks very similar to Sigmund Freud.
  • Online psychotherapy advantages
    Online psychotherapy advantages
    by Arteo
    Every once in a while life gets a bit overwhelming, and we feel the need to talk to someone. We want to vent, to feel understood, and we need help processing our feelings.
  • How does online counselling work
    How does online counselling work
    by Arteo
    We all go through times when life gets a bit too complicated, and we feel overwhelmed.
  • Online therapy for Hong Kong
    Online therapy for Hong Kong
    by Arteo
    If you are an expat, online therapy for Hong Kong can improve your mental health and help you cope with the negative feelings you may experience, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Online therapy for expats
    Online therapy for expats
    by Arteo
    Feelings of uncertainty, loneliness or depression are often common among UK citizens living abroad. Expat life, although exciting, comes with a set of challenges that might affect one’s health and wellbeing. Online therapy can provide a solution for those struggling to adapt to expat lifestyle.
  • Online therapy in the news
    Online therapy in the news
    by Arteo
    As people are struggling to cope with life in lockdown and all the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic, online therapy services are growing in popularity. Most big publications in the UK talk about the surge in online therapy services demand.
  • Couples counselling online
    Couples counselling online
    by Arteo
    Everyone knows relationships take a lot of hard work, and healthy relationships are built with constant improvement and trust. That trusting dynamic can be rebuilt but not alone. When you can’t work issues out between two of you, seeking online relationship counselling online can be advantageous.
  • What is Gestalt Therapy
    What is Gestalt Therapy
    by Arteo
    Beyond the therapy room, the Gestalt approach is frequently practiced by those whose profession relies on relationship building, particularly those in health, education, and social care. At times of personal difficulty, Gestalt provides a safe, encouraging space to explore difficult feelings and make changes.
  • Online therapy for Dubai
    Online therapy for Dubai
    by Arteo
    Online therapy is easy to access for those living and working in Dubai while they are social distancing. Therapists offer English-speaking psychological care for expats, individuals and couples alike. Therapy from a distance is supportive and highly effective.
  • Online psychotherapy during Covid
    Online psychotherapy during Covid
    by Arteo
    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many extreme changes to our lives, leading to feelings of stress and anxiety. As people must respect social distancing and lockdown restrictions, attending face-to-face therapy is out of the question. Yet, online psychotherapy may be the solution.
  • Gestalt therapy on the phone
    Gestalt therapy on the phone
    by Arteo
    If you’ve reached this article, it might mean that lately, you’ve been contemplating the idea of going to therapy.
  • Gestalt therapy in practice
    Gestalt therapy in practice
    by Arteo
    Gestalt therapy is successfully used for treating depression, anxiety, and stress. It is for anybody hoping to solve a specific issue. Explore the one-of-a-kind power of Gestalt therapy. It is a truly incredible tool that helps you become more present.
  • Online therapy for South Africa
    Online therapy for South Africa
    by Arteo
    Recently moved from the UK all the way to South Africa? You don’t need to spend time looking for a local therapist that suits your needs. Through online therapy, you can continue seeing an English-speaking therapist even when you moved far away from home.
  • Online psychotherapy
    Online psychotherapy
    by Arteo
    Thanks to technology, online psychotherapy is now possible, which means that you can meet with a professional over the Web and enjoy the same great benefits as face-to-face therapy sessions. Online psychotherapy is practical, convenient, and affordable.