• A woman with a mask laying down with her laptop in the dark
    Dealing with anxiety issues caused by Covid
    by Arteo
    Feeling stressed, anxious, worried, frustrated, sad or lonely is normal during a pandemic. These are frightening times. We’re all watching the headlines wondering when and how this is going to end.
  • A woman laying down with her eyes closed
    Telephone counselling for anxiety
    by Arteo
    Every one of you felt anxiety one time or another, whether it be before an important event or public speaking.
  • A man sitting on a sofa whilst using his computer which is on a table
    What to expect from online psychotherapy
    by Arteo
    People are often confused when they hear about online psychotherapy, not knowing exactly what to expect from it. However, once they understand what it entails, the advantages and benefits of attending online therapy become obvious.
  • A woman sitting at a table with a cup of tea and video calling another woman
    Online CBT therapy
    by Arteo
    CBT has proven effective in treating patients suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and many other mental health issues. Today, people can attend CBT sessions online, so a greater number of patients can enjoy the benefits of this type of treatment.
  • Hands being washed under a tap
    Getting back to work safely & managing your anxiety
    by Arteo
    In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, our collective anxiety levels rose sharply.
  • A white mask
    Trusted Therapy for Your employees
    by Arteo
    As governments around the world are lifting lockdown restrictions, employers are outlining how to bring back their employees to work safely, while considering logistical aspects such as schedules, sanitizing protocols, visitor policies, seating configuration and much more.
  • A woman in a mask looking at a screen in the dark
    Helping people back to work through therapy
    by Arteo
    Governments around the world are lifting coronavirus restrictions which allows employers to reopen their businesses and ask employees to return to work.
  • A sphere containing many different faces in space
    Online therapy in English
    by Arteo
    Good work-life balance can be hard for any professional to attain, but it becomes particularly challenging when you’re an expat.
  • A woman's hands holding a mobile phone
    Telephone counselling pros and cons
    by Arteo
    When we think of going to therapy, most of us have this image of lying on a sofa and talking to someone that looks very similar to Sigmund Freud.
  • A woman sitting against her sofa with her laptop
    Online psychotherapy advantages
    by Arteo
    Every once in a while life gets a bit overwhelming, and we feel the need to talk to someone. We want to vent, to feel understood, and we need help processing our feelings.
  • A woman sitting in a hanging chair with her laptop
    How does online counselling work
    by Arteo
    We all go through times when life gets a bit too complicated, and we feel overwhelmed.
  • A cartoon of two women video calling on a phone
    Online therapy for Hong Kong
    by Arteo
    If you are an expat, online therapy for Hong Kong can improve your mental health and help you cope with the negative feelings you may experience, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • An unseen person types into thier laptop on a table in front of them
    Online therapy for expats
    by Arteo
    Feelings of uncertainty, loneliness or depression are often common among UK citizens living abroad. Expat life, although exciting, comes with a set of challenges that might affect one’s health and wellbeing. Online therapy can provide a solution for those struggling to adapt to expat lifestyle.
  • Online therapy in the news
    Online therapy in the news
    by Arteo
    As people are struggling to cope with life in lockdown and all the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic, online therapy services are growing in popularity. Most big publications in the UK talk about the surge in online therapy services demand.
  • A young man and woman enjoy breakfast together
    Couples counselling online
    by Arteo
    Everyone knows relationships take a lot of hard work, and healthy relationships are built with constant improvement and trust. That trusting dynamic can be rebuilt but not alone. When you can’t work issues out between two of you, seeking online relationship counselling online can be advantageous.