• Cyberbullying – A New Threat to Young People’s Mental Health
    Cyberbullying – A New Threat to Young People’s Mental Health
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Following on from our founder Floss Knight’s ‘How to Help Your Bullied Child: A Parent’s Guide’, we wanted to investigate an area that is not as widely understood...
  • A man huddled up with their knees against their chest and sitting against the wall in a corridor
    How to Help Your Bullied Child : A Parent’s Guide
    by Floss Knight
    In my work as a psychotherapist and my life as a mother, I have witnessed the long and short term effects of bullying.
  • A group of young people taking exams at their desks
    Why Has There Been a 200% Increase in Young People Seeking Help for Exam Stress?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    A recent report by the NSPCC has revealed that the number of young people in Britain seeking counselling specifically over exam stress has increased by 200% in recent years, a truly staggering amount.
  • David Cameron talking to a Doctor
    The Future of Mental Health After the General Election
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    After a shock narrow majority win, we are now facing five years under a Conservative government. So what does this mean for mental health?