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    Career Counselling – opening the door to job satisfaction
    by UK Therapy Guide
    You may decide that you need career counselling to help with choosing a new role or even leaving the one that you are in currently. Useful at any time in life, career counselling is not only suitable for those about to enter the work field; with your working life taking up so much of your time, it is important to get it right and working with an experienced career counsellor can help.
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    Jungian Analysis – getting in touch with your individual psyche
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Jungian analysis or psychology originates from ideas put forward by Carl Jung. It focuses on the importance of each individual's psyche and ways in which they can be made ‘whole’ again.
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    How does Gestalt therapy work and how will it benefit me?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    If your counsellor thinks that you will be a good fit for Gestalt therapy, they will show you how to truly experience what is happening rather than relying upon your understanding of the event. During your sessions together, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and way of behaving will all be examined in depth.
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    Get help and support from your therapist via Skype counselling
    by UK Therapy Guide
    It can be difficult if you need the support of one-to-one counselling but don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face. But there is a solution and a very good one; Skype therapy allows you to fully engage in counselling and psychotherapy without having to leave your home.