• A crying female child
    How Do I Know If My Child Needs Therapy?
    by Rebecca Fitzgerald
    We often think of childhood as a time of carefree play and enjoyment. Whilst this is true for the most part, many children are also vulnerable to the same emotional and mental health issues that adults face.
  • A man working on his laptop in a coffee shop
    Online Skype Counselling - Everything You Need To Know
    by Rebecca Fitzgerald
    “Skype” is a piece of free computer software that permits people to chat in real-time, face-to face through their computer screens. Online therapy or “skype counselling” is the exact same process as traditional counselling with the only difference being the interaction between you and your therapist taking place via video
  • A therapist talking to a client in a therapy session
    How To Find A Therapist Who Is Right For You
    by Rebecca Fitzgerald
    Making the decision to find help can be an extremely difficult one at the best of times. When making such a hard decision it is important that you choose to partner with a therapist who truly understands you and offers you the right type of therapy to alleviate your problems.
  • An older male therapist talking to a female laying on the sofa in a therapists office
    Psychodynamic Therapy - Everything You Need To Know
    by Rebecca Fitzgerald
    Psychodynamic therapy (sometimes known as psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy) is a therapeutic process which helps people become more aware of their inner world and the influence this has over their relationships. This type of therapy uses this process as a means of helping patients to understand and resolve their emotional and mental problems.
  • A male therapist talking to a male client in a therapy session
    What Is The Difference Between A Psychologist And A Therapist?
    by Rebecca Fitzgerald
    Seeking professional mental health help can often feel daunting and unnerving. You may feel stressed knowing who to turn to and what each mental health professional can provide. Is your best bet a psychiatrist? a psychologist? or a therapist? It is important to not let this put you off as professional help is highly likely to have a positive effect on your life. Knowing where to turn when consulting with a therapist or licensed professional is crucial for being able to access the help that you