• Therapist
    Benefits and Tips for Seeking UK-Trained Therapists
    by Floss Knight
    UK-trained therapists are highly reputed in the field of mental health, and seeking therapy from them can be a step towards finding the support and guidance you need.
  • Online Therapy
    Unlocking Mental Wellness: Tips for Finding an Online Therapist
    by Floss Knight
    Mental wellness is essential for overall health and happiness, and seeking therapy is one way to prioritise and improve our mental health.
  • Online Therapy
    Instant Online Therapy Tips for an Ex-pat Transition
    by Floss Knight
    Transitioning to a new country can be a challenging experience, but there are many ways to cope and adjust.
  • Online Therapy
    Top-rated Online Therapy in UAE: Accessible Healthcare
    by Floss Knight
    Online therapy provides individuals access to mental health care services from the comfort of their homes without needing to travel to a therapist's office.
  • Therapy
    Why Therapy is Most Effective in Your Mother Tongue
    by Floss Knight
    This article delves into the reasons behind the efficacy of therapy in one's mother tongue, providing further insight on the topic.
  • Speech Therapy
    Getting Native English-Speaking Therapy in UAE
    by Floss Knight
    The UAE is committed to improving the quality of mental healthcare services and making them more accessible to everyone.
  • understand-yourself-to-heal
    Healing through understanding myself
    by Floss Knight
    While therapy and lot of other things can expediate your healing process, there is one thing that you must do to truly heal - understand your own self. Understanding yourself - your emotions, feelings, thoughts and more - will allow you to heal in the real sense.
  • losing-a-parent
    The Devastation of Losing a Parent
    by Floss Knight
    If you have lost a parent recently, it is understandable that you might be in the darkest place right now. However, you must understand, you must believe that at the end of the day, you will heal from this. Here are a few things to do in such a delicate time.
  • therapy-emotions
    Therapy helped me understand my emotions
    by Floss Knight
    However, there is one more thing that I learnt from my therapy sessions which has helped me transform myself for the better – it helped me understand my emotions.
  • therapy-is-an-inside-job
    Therapy is an inside job
    by Floss Knight
    Why is therapy an inside job? Because it is you who has to, ultimately, do the work. You need to be committed, one hundred percent, to your own healing for therapy to work.
  • Finding the Right Therapist Has Never Been Easier
    by Floss Knight
    Now you can find the right therapist with the click of a button. The largest directory of qualified, experienced therapists from across the nation is available on UK Therapy Guide!
  • therapy-to-prevent-crisis
    Prevent Crisis with Therapy – Don’t Wait Before Things Get Too Bad
    by Floss Knight
    Therapy can work wonders for people going through a crisis in life. But, if you want to unlock its true potential - consider therapy when you want to prevent a crisis.
  • Gym membership or therapy?
    Gym Membership or Therapy?
    by Anetta Hegyközi
    Only you can decide whether you need one, the other, or both. Either way, believing in a better version of ourselves being out there might not be as bad as portrayed, and with the right tool, you can move in the right direction.
  • Therapy is the new six pack - Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
    Therapy is the New Six Pack: How Mental Health Became Mainstream
    by Megan Jackson
    Therapists are the fabric of our society, especially during these unprecedented times. Throughout 2020, record numbers of children and adults sought NHS services for problems such as anxiety,
  • psychologist psychotherapist counsellor
    What’s the difference between a psychologist, a psychotherapist, and a counsellor, and which one is right for you?
    by Arteo
    Do you need mental health support but don’t know if you should contact a psychologist, a psychotherapist, or a counsellor? Here are the differences.