• How is online therapy different to face to face therapy?
    How is online therapy different to face to face therapy?
    by Arteo
    Except for the fact that online therapy doesn’t involve you and the therapist sitting in the same room, the services are the same. No matter what you are struggling with, online therapy can help you sort out your feelings, develop strong coping skills, and regain your confidence.
  • How does online therapy work?
    How does online therapy work?
    by Arteo
    Online therapy can be used in combination with face-to-face sessions or as an alternative to it. You’ll still be getting the same high level of care from your therapist, but you will talk via the Internet. This way, online therapy becomes more accessible for people with physical limitations and offers a higher degree of anonymity.
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    Find a bereavement therapist
    by Gianluca
    After losing a loved one, talking to a bereavement therapist can help you cope with grief reactions and come to terms with the loss. To find the best bereavement therapist for your needs, you need to consider factors such as insurance, past therapy experience, and the type of therapy sessions you’re most comfortable with.
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    What is bereavement therapy?
    by Gianluca
    Bereavement therapy supports people who have lost a loved one and are experiencing intense grief reactions. Through bereavement therapy, you will learn to understand your feelings and cope with the loss at your own rhythm. The ultimate goal of bereavement therapy is to come to terms with the loss and be able to return to normal life.
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    Child Counselling / Therapy
    by Gianluca
    How do I know my child needs counselling? Children use various methods to signal something is not right, and they differ a lot from adults. Acting out of character or showing signs of rebellion may be considered normal behaviour for a child. Still, such actions can also signal they are going through something they don’t want or don’t know how to talk about. This means it may be time to consider seeking a therapist to help you understand where this behaviour is coming from.