• David Tennant and Olivia Coleman selfies for the #1in4 mental health campaign
    The BBC gets celebs to share this important mental health message and simple stress relieving tips for the day
    by Becca
    We take a look at what the Heads Together campaign is all about, a new initiative from the BBC called #1in4 and how you can start to slowly relieve your stress levels right now
  • A man looking out of a window
    Prince Harry talks about grief, counselling and the benefits of boxing
    by Becca
    This week we explore some of Prince Harry’s coping strategies for dealing with grief and take a closer look at the stats about just how many kids suffer from mental health issues - and the lack of support available to help them.
  • someone decorating some uncooked gingerbread men
    Celebrities speak out about grief and the mindful benefits of baking
    by Becca
    This week we hear from both Tom Jones and Rio Ferdinand about grief and how talking helped them, as well as the mindful benefits of baking and some of the issues facing university students.
  • a couple holding hands in a sunny street
    How relationships are affected by mental health and a new campaign from the royals
    by Becca
    Rio Ferdinand speaks out and the royals launch a mental health campaign