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    What are the best forms of therapy to treat anxiety?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    If you are suffering from anxiety then you will know that the associated feelings of fear and worry can be totally debilitating. Constantly experiencing the physical and emotional symptoms can leave you feeling worn out and struggling to cope with everyday life. In some circumstances, the ‘fight or flight’ response or panic attacks will manifest and you will be left feeling totally drained. But help is at hand as there are various forms of therapy that can be used to treat your anxiety.
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    I need to see a CBT therapist; how can I find one suitable for me?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is predominantly a form of ‘talking’ therapy. Once you find a therapist that you feel happy with and you have been through your first session together, they will decide how many more you need. This will depend upon the condition that is being treated and how well you respond. Your therapist will make use of this proven technique to disrupt and eradicate your damaging thought patterns, replacing them with new ones that do not cause you distress or fear.
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    This is my first time in therapy for anxiety. What can I expect?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Anxiety can take many forms. If you get panic attacks, phobias, experience obsessive thoughts or worry all of the time, then it is possible that you have an anxiety disorder. But don’t feel that you are in it alone. There are many treatments available and one of these is therapy which will help you to control your fears.
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    I’m nervous about visiting a counsellor; can I receive therapy for anxiety over the phone?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Many people that are suffering from anxiety and would benefit from counselling find themselves unable to find a suitable therapist to work with. Maybe they are fearful of journeying to the therapist’s clinic, find face-to-face therapy too expensive or have been placed on an NHS waiting list with no end in sight. If your anxiety is combined with agoraphobia then travelling outside can be incredibly stressful and simply not possible.
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    I am new to phone therapy – what can I expect?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    One of the key things to remember is that telephone counselling is totally confidential. Your therapist will be non-judgemental and will aim to build a relationship between you based upon trust.
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    What is phone therapy and is it effective?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Research also shows that therapy provided by phone can be a more suitable option for many people, being equally as effective as face-to-face consultations.
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    I don’t have the time for research; how can I find a suitable Skype therapist?
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Have you decided that Skype therapy may be the ideal solution for you but don’t have the time to find a qualified or suitable therapist? Then we can help.
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    Never tried Skype therapy before? This is what to expect
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Skype therapy brings with it many advantages; you don’t have to leave home, can schedule a call at any time of day to suit you and your counsellor and it doesn’t matter how far apart you are.
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    Skype therapy – what it is and how it works
    by UK Therapy Guide
    Many issues that are usually dealt with via face-to-face counselling can be dealt with via Skype