• A sad face above the word Monday
    Blue Monday – Here to Stay?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Blue Monday is a recent phenomenon, one that appears in the media and in turn now the general public consciousness.
  • A man sitting in a chair in a room with lots of stacks of books and boxes
    Nurse – With Paul Whitehouse
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Paul Whitehouse’s recent show Nurse shone a light on the world of psychiatric care and more generally mental health...
  • Stephen Fry smiling with his hands against his head
    New Mental Health Campaign Launched
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    A new campaign has been launched by the charity Time to Change in order to stop the media from depicting depression with a ‘head-in-hands’ image.
  • A piece of art with the silhouette of a boy breathing in the night sky
    Breath Based Body Scan
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    This body scan will allow you to place particular emphasis on the sensations of breathing as you guide your awareness through the whole body.
  • A young boy sitting with his head on his arms in a dark room
    Why are children experiencing stress and anxiety in record numbers? And what can be done?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Children are becoming more and more over whelmed with the stress and anxiety of living in this modern world. All parents want is the best for their children...
  • A cartoon of a man and his dog both daydreaming
    Mindfulness or Being Present: A technique to alleviate prolonged anxiety.
    by Marianne Jospé
    In this article, I am giving you a summary of the benefits of introducing Mindfulness practice into your life.
  • An xray of a human head
    Stress and Anxiety – A chemical response that we can master
    by Fiona Harrington
    I work as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and I have witnessed an increase in Anxiety issues with my clients. Anxiety affects each and every one of us...