• Silhouette of a man sitting at a chair with his head down
    Mental health deaths in detention were ‘avoidable’
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    An inquiry has found that the deaths of hundreds of people with mental health conditions who were held in detention could have been avoided.
  • Silhouette of someone smoking a cigarette
    Mental Health Patients ‘Smoke Three Times as Much’
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    A recent study has shown that mental health patients smoke ‘three times as much’ as patients who are suffering from physical health problems.
  • A man sitting in a classroom whilst looking out a window
    Further Education – Furthering Ignorance
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    A recent report has shown that university staff and students are scared to disclose mental health problems to their colleagues...
  • Mind Full or Mindful?
    Mind Full or Mindful?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Mindfulfness – being mindful – is something which is being given more and more credence in psychotherapy circles, and has been proven to be a positive way of improving one’s mental health.